Programming is our primary mission. Although programming is the product, it is often the most neglected department at the station. The “set it and forget it” routine breaks down over time and disintegrates into disjointed flow with irregular and inefficient impact elements. Because of the slow decay, the issue is not recognised by in-house programming teams. A fresh set of eyes can revitalize stagnant rotations and stabilize erratic flow.

RPMDJ Hot Drive™

Looking to increase TSL? We can do that. Looking to increase quarter hour results? We can do that too. Looking to increase both? The RPMDJ Hot Drive™ system does just that. We utilize major market strategies and methods to greatly enhance flow and impact. From minor modifications to complete programming overhauls, RPMDJ consultants work to improve brand image and increase market share. We use a targeted programming paradigm that increases profitability and generates higher revenues.

Product Maintenance

RPMDJ works with your programming team to ensure that once our primary consultation ends, the results remain operational. Maintaining client stations at peak proficiency often takes as little as a few days per year.